Occupational Health and Safety


  • Hazard Analysis


  • Written Health and Safety Policies
  • Written Safe Work Procedures


  • Safety Committees
  • Employee Handbook – Orientation
  • Education and Training


  • Due Diligence Assurance

An effective Occupational Health and Safety Program clearly documents your company’s safe work policies and procedures. It demonstrates to your employees and to the Ministry of Labour your commitment to health and safety and is the blueprint for safe workplace operations. Safex will assist you through the Analysis, Development, Implementation and Measurement of your company’s Health and Safety Program.

Pre-construction Hazard Analysis
A thorough analysis of the scope of work being performed by your company will document all potential hazards and recommend necessary hazard controls along with a process for evaluating the effectiveness of those controls.

Job Safety Analysis
A workplace analysis will identify high-risk work activities and create a breakdown of each job’s critical components. Each of these components will be evaluated for risk potential to produce strategies for specific risk reduction actions.

Written Health and Safety Policies
Safex will work with you to develop guidelines describing the principles of safe work and the specific standards of workplace behaviour.

Written Safe Work Procedures
Every critical task in the workplace will be evaluated to clearly establish step-by-step safe work procedures to ensure everyone knows how to perform a task safely.

Safety Committees
Safex will assist you in the establishment of Safety Committees require under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Concise, consistent and enforceable guidelines will be documented to support the implementation of these Safety Committees.

Employee Handbook-Orientation
A practical, easy-to-understand employee handbook will be developed to facilitate the employee orientation process required by legislation.

Education and Training
Safex will custom design education and training programs, or assist you in the integration of standard industry training programs, to ensure competency and skill levels are where you need them to be and that your programs and processes are understood.

Due Diligence Assurance
An Occupational Health and Safety Program developed with the assistance of Safex will allow you to provide clear evidence of Due Diligence.