Emergency Preparedness


  • Risk Assessment


  • Written Emergency
  • Response Plan


  • Education and Training


  • Program Audit

Environmental Protection – Fire Safety – Health and Hygiene
An effective program of Emergency Preparedness is a demonstration of proactive thinking and a clear commitment to worker safety. Safex will help you minimize the opportunity for injury and financial loss with a customized plan that will exceed all legislative requirements. Your people will know exactly what to do when faced with an environmental, fire or health emergency and, as important, how to do it.

Risk Assessment
Safex will do a complete analysis of the workplace, identifying and prioritizing areas of risk, opportunity for preventive action and proven remedial responses.

Written Emergency Response Plan
For each area of critical need, Safex will work with you to document an easy-to-understand, step-by-step controlled response, custom tailored to the nature of the emergency.

Education and Training
Safex will custom design education and training programs, or assist you in the integration of standard industry training programs, to ensure competency and skills levels are where you need them to be to respond to the challenges of an environmental, fire or health emergency.

Program Audit
A well defined program, which includes scheduled job-site audits, ensures that your documented procedures remain current and are being compiled with.