Loss Control Management


  • Job-Site Audits
  • Risk Assessment


  • Written Risk
  • Minimizing Practices
  • Written Emergency
  • Response Plans


  • Education and Training
  • Accident/Incident Analysis


  • Ongoing Site and Program Inspections

A fully integrated Loss Control Management Program identifies potential risks, implements effective control measure and allows you to evaluate financial outcomes. Working closely with Safex will aid you in minimizing your overall risk and liability, and realizing significant reductions in accident costs/insurance premiums.

Workplace Audits
Every aspect of the workplace will be scrutinized for potential problems which could expose you to significant risk/liability. Equipment performance will be examined along with worker practices to identify equipment deficiencies and improper worker actions or behaviour.

Risk Assessment
A Risk Assessment will be done to identify your exposure to loss. A formal response to the potential exposure will be determined and set out in a prescribed optimal sequence or priority of actions involved in the response.

Written Risk Minimizing Practices
Safex will work with you to develop workplace practices and procedures designed to minimize potential hazards and spell out desired safe work habits.

Written Emergency Response Plans
Clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow emergency response procedures will be documented to provide step-by-step guidance in the event of an emergency to minimize health, safety and financial impacts.